Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Husbands Songs Download Happy Husbands Songs [MP3] [2011]

Happy Husbands is an upcoming Hindi comedy film. The film will be released under the Phenomenal Crafts Ltd banners. Star cast are Anay, Kurush Deboo, Gaurav Ghai, Bakul Thakkar, Farida, Archana. Happy Husbands is an fantastic movie about Husbands, their philosophy towards life and what they go through on a personal level after they are married. First Happy Husbands movie made in 2010, that movie was in Malayalam. Now in 2011 its New Comedy movie happy husbands releases story is new and seems good. Anay who is the actor, singer, lyricist, and director of film is happy from its production and hoping for good business. Music and Background music is directed by also Anay, Screeplay is written by Anay. Magical Sound is given by Buta Singh, Dialogue is again written by Anay and costume select and designed by Anay.

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1 Tum Se
2 Tuhi Meri
3 Love You
4 Ash Kar Ash Kar
5 Aai Aai Aai Hai


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