Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Soch Lo Songs Download Soch Lo [MP3] [2010]

Soch Lo is a new hindi film starring Sartaj Singh Pannu, Barkha Madan, Iris Maity and Nishan Nanaiah. It has been directed by Sartaj Singh Pannu. The film was released on the big screens on August 2010.
Download the songs now and enjoy the music..

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   1. Dedh Inch Oopar (Honeymoon) - Charu Moohan
   2. Dedh Inch Oopar - Charu Moohan
   3. Faani Dayar - Master Salim & Charu Moohan
   4. Kasera - Nitish Pries
   5. Mera Yahan Hai Kaun (Female) - Bianca Gomes
   6. Mera Yahan Hai Kaun (Male) - Nitish Pries
   7. Save My Destiny - Mehboob
   8. Soch Lo Theme (Instrumental)


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