Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rahim Shah

Rahim Shah is a leading Pakistani pop singer. He was born on December 12, 1975 in Karachi.

His Pashto album 'PEERA' became an instant hit after its release. Another album called 'SABARO' had success with the tracks 'TAP TAP' and ‘PAYAL', in the same year he released another Pashto album titled 'MEDDA MEDDA'. After taking a short time of reflection he returned back to work bringing another hit with the song 'CHANNA'.

He also worked on three videos that were ‘PRIYA’ and ‘RANG LAI MEHNDI’ directed by Sarwar whereas Suhail Javed directed his third video ‘TERE ISHQ NE’. Rahim Shah’s ultimate favourite song has to be ‘JHOOLA’ which he wrote and sang to his mother whom he dearly loves.

To View and Download the Songs Just Click on the Name of the Album.

Channa (12 songs)
Ghum (12 songs)
Pyar Nahin Milta (10 songs)
Saba Ru (12 songs)


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