Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kailash Kher - Kailasa Songs Download [MP3]

The songs of Kailash Kher are special in it's own way and I love them for their beauty. There is no need to any introduction for Kailash Kher. Allah Ke Bande is one of my all time favorite songs. Really this song is one of my most favorite tracks and I hope you love it too. There are many good songs in this album and I recommend you to check them out (of course if you like sufi music).

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1. Teri Deewani - Kailash Kher
2. Tauba Tauba - Kailash Kher
3. Dilruba - Kailash Kher
4. Kaise Main Kahoon - Kailash Kher
5. Naiharwa - Kailash Kher
6. Albela Sajan - Kailash Kher
7. Tauba Tauba (Remix) - Kailash Kher
8. Allah Ke Bande (Live) - Kailash Kher

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