Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dobara Movie Songs Download Dobara [MP3] [2004]

The Bollywood Movie Dobara directed by Shashi Ranjan, was released in 2004. Star cast in this movie is Jackie Shroff, Mahima Choudhary & Ravina Tondon.

This Movie, Even though with good actors and their performances is nothing but a complete rip of a good Hollywood Flick - FOREVER LULU. Jackie's role is done by Patrick Swayze ( Which i must say is far better than what we just saw in this One), Mahima has played the role of Penelope Ann Miller and Raveena Tondon has Played the role of Malelie Griffith ( You must see Forever Lulu to see the real acting of a Psychic women ).

I Just cant believe it when i saw this movie !!! Not even a single plot has been changed from the original Movie.

Though i thought it was a good time pass to see it on Cable TV.. But i Must tell All the viewers to pls see the original movie as the Acting, and the ending song were just too good to be missed...

BTW, The Music is Very romantic...Enjoy the tracks of this movie..

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1. Mujhse Kyon Roothi ho
2. Humnasheen O Mere
3. Tum Abhi They Yahin
4. Pyaar Mere Nu Lag
5. Goonja Hua
6. Tum Abhi They Yahin 1


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